Keto On The Go…

Keto on the Go. At PeakEATS we listen to our customers and over the last 6 months we’ve had many requests to create a light backpacking solution that works with the Keto Diet. Our food engineer has been hard at work generating new recipies, counting carbs and maximizing good fats. We are now ready to launch our low carb Keto Friendly options and so far we’ve had rave reviews. Our Keto options are made from whole foods, vegetables, meat, dairy and health fats from coconut oil or olive oil. Suitable for the strictest Keto diet, they are engineered using only the most Keto friendly vegetables with fats contributing 65-70% of the total calories.

Keto Creamy Cauliflower Beef:

Our first Keto creation uses dehydrated cauliflower as the base for a creamy, cheesy pasta alternative.

Keto Pork Panang

A flavourful medium spiced curry. Our organic, 65% fat coconut milk provides the base for the creamy sauce. Pork and almonds provide the protein on a bed of garden vegetables, mushrooms, green peppers and Zucchini.

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