About PeakEATS

At PeakEATS we are as passionate about our ingredients as we are about the mountains we live and play in.

Our PeakEATS team is dedicated to constantly searching out the highest quality products and continually aiming higher to make sure we are bringing our customers not only the absolute best ingredients we can find but doing so in a thoughtful and sustainable manor for food you can feel good about.

PeakEATS proudly buys our 100% grass fed, grass finished Alberta Beef directly from farmers, supporting humane farming practices and resulting in beef of uncompromising quality.

Our deserts feature the highest quality bourbon vanilla beans and extracts right from Madagascar

PeakEATS provides handcrafted whole food for all your adventures. Our fresh, dehydrated meals and snacks take into consideration your requirements for nutrition, calories, food preferences, weight, and volume. Because our ingredients are individually dried, we are able to accommodate any food preferences or allergies including dairy, soy, and gluten free. Just let us know what you need!

By sourcing Canadian quinoa we not only have the opportunity to support Canadian farmers but also reduces our carbon footprint in the process.

PeakEATS offers pre-packaged individual and group portions. Super light, healthy and tasty, PeakEATS meals are the backpacking food whether you are travelling alone or in a group. We offer a 10% discount for bulk packaging (4 or more servings packaged in the same bag). Contact us to discuss your menu, food preferences or allergies.